Moon Boots ft. Janelle Kroll – Utopia

Zero Gravity. Full tilt boogie!


Moon Boots ft. Kyiki – Don’t Ask Why


Phenomenal Moon Boots sneaks up on you out of nowhere sometimes. Everytime it’s like a warm cuddle, and always a pleasant surprise. This time he’s joined by Kyiki lending her sensual vocals to this piece of earcandy. Mmmmmmh!

Week 8 Goodiebag



So boys and girls, here are the tracks that rocked my world this week. New stuff from Moon Boots again, and a deliciously retro track from my mang Andy Fink. Furns are at it again. Can’t get enough of them!

I got the new Traktor DJ for iPad this week. I’ve been over the moon about it. I love the hands on feeling it delivers and am just in awe at how easy and aproachable it is. I did a test spin which you can listen to here:

2013-02-23 14.26.53


Traktor DJ Test Spin


Week 6 Selectaaah


Martin Hayes leaves you Breathless.

I LOVE Pool. And I really dig what Vito De Aeroplane is up to at the moment. So all in all a really solid track!

Ever since his splentacular remix of Jakwob’s ‘Electrify’ Sega Bodega has been in my cool book. Here’s his new one! Bow in the dust and behold the mastaaah!

Benedict with the Hammer gets all Italo on you on this playful and sunshiny remix of Mecanico. Love it!

Copenhagen based Furns take on Kings Of Convenience with this cover oozing of heart ache and sorrow. ❤

This one escaped my radar. I love Stewrat! Thankfully Rathsman & Perseus were kind enough to share this gem in their Radio 1 mix!


<— Tune of the week!

Nobody does it like Moon Boots! Another schpritzer from the master himself. Strap in!


Top 25 of 2012

Top 25 of 2012


01 Christopher Norman & The Reverb Junkie – You Don’t Know  (Alin Dimitriu remix)
This one just blew my mind completely. The vocals really shine in Alin’s heartfelt orchestration. Foreverlove!

02 Moon Boots – Sugar
Summer anthem of 2012. Brilliant hook and cunning use of the Janet factor!

03 Todd Terje – Inspector Norse
Another anthem from the Menergetic king of disco-swag Todd Terje himself!

04 Özgür Can feat. Rasmus Kellerman – The Kings
Finally the blip blop master of the Öz released his debut album! Huuuuuge track!

05 Jonas Rathsman – Since I Don’t Have You
French Express kept on dominating all through 2012. World domination imminent with this stomper!

06 Perseus – Seychelles
Yet more French Express. The head honcho himself with this Balearic track full of sun and juices!

07 Isaac Tichauer – Every Word
Isaac blew my mind with his remix for Tony Betties, but this is in a completely different league!

08 The Supermen Lovers – Say No More (Jupiter Remix)
Those frenchies know how to create energetic hooks!

09 Speech Debelle – I’m With It (Louis La Roche Remix)
Quite unique take on how to remix a hip hoppy rap track. Supremely executed by the Roche himself!

10 Jakwob – Electrify (Sega Bodega remix)
We don’t like dub-step. So it’s something rather special when a dub-step track ends up on our top of the year list!

11 Jupiter – One O Six (A.N.D.Y. Remix)
A.N.D.Y.’s really got his thing down over the course of 2012. This one marked a highpoint!

12 Van She – Jamaica (Plastic Plates Remix)
The producer of the year 2012 has got to be Plastic Plates. The way he just kept topping himself is UNCANNY!

13 Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek (End The Noise Remix)
This one was quite a find I still feel. How lucky that End The Noise let have the exclusives for this before anybody else.

14 Bryan Ferry – Alphaville (Todd Terje remix)
The Terjelator at his thing again. This time he took the Ferry.

15 Drop Out Orchestra ft. Christopher Norman – In The Dark
What can I say? I Love D O O, and I love Chris! So when they team up magic happens!

16 Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (Klar & PF Remix)
The most played song of 2012 in the only remix that didn’t get played nowhere near enough. Klar & PF are a duo to watch!

17 Goldroom – Fifteen
Goldroom didn’t release his remix for Alpine’s ‘Hands’. I’m still a bit cross about that. But this one’s a nice band aid on that unhealing wound.

18 Munk & Peaches – You Can’t Run From My Love (Classixx Remix)
Classixx have been favorites of mine for years. They have a great way of reinventing themselves and their sound.

19 Ben Browning – Feels Like
Sing-a-long of the year. Happy time!

20 Perseus – Love In Zanzibar
Deep and delicious chords served with a slice of lemon.

21 ColeCo – Ricky Smiley
This one was everywhere this summer. Respect!

22 Collage – Romeo Where’s Juliet? (SYE ‘Dub Like The Romans Do’ Edit)
Quite a catch in my opinion. Great great edit!

23 Nine Lives feat Jaki Graham – 1985 (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
D O O! Do the voodoo you do!

24 Chris Malinchak – There I Was (Original Mix)
Proper Malinchak-attack!

25 The Rapture – In The Grace Of Your Love (Poolside Remix)
It was way too hard to get this one here in Euroland. Still on my playlists!

Moon Boots ft. Violetness – Running From **FREE DOWNLOAD!**

The phenomenal Moon Boots has finally pushed the RELEASE button for this beauty which was previously only available on Jerry & Gilda’s Soleil mix on Kitsune in a mixed and severely shortened version. Here it is! The whole guacamole! Sink your teeth into this crisp and wavey summer beauty:


Alison Valentine – Peanut Butter (Moon Boots remix)

Peanut Butter has always done the trick for me some how. It’s creamy, crunchy, salty, sweet and full of goodness. The case is the same with Moon Boots‘ slowed down and straight out groovy remix of Alison Valentine‘s ‘Peanut Butter’. That Moon Boots guy just keeps on impressing, pleasing and raising the bar. iLove!


And here’s the original: