Martin Hayes – Ol’ Funky Music

Fresh out on Stamp The Wax. Dresden homeboy Martin Hayes waxes poetic funk on this dirty ol’ bastard:


Week 6 Selectaaah


Martin Hayes leaves you Breathless.

I LOVE Pool. And I really dig what Vito De Aeroplane is up to at the moment. So all in all a really solid track!

Ever since his splentacular remix of Jakwob’s ‘Electrify’ Sega Bodega has been in my cool book. Here’s his new one! Bow in the dust and behold the mastaaah!

Benedict with the Hammer gets all Italo on you on this playful and sunshiny remix of Mecanico. Love it!

Copenhagen based Furns take on Kings Of Convenience with this cover oozing of heart ache and sorrow. ❤

This one escaped my radar. I love Stewrat! Thankfully Rathsman & Perseus were kind enough to share this gem in their Radio 1 mix!


<— Tune of the week!

Nobody does it like Moon Boots! Another schpritzer from the master himself. Strap in!


Martin Hayes – Givin Up

Martin Hayes and I go way back when we were both dumb and furry. He’s been a part of my life’s soundtrack for years now and what I dig the most about him is the way he builds on a simple groove, turns it in a dubby direction and takes it to a whole new level. This bro is deep, full of love for what he does and how he does it. This is an outstanding example:


Find out more about Martin here:
Rose Records

[Interview] Martin Hayes/Rose Records

Hello Martin, tell us about Rose Records. What’s the philosophy behind it, what sound are you guys going for?
Hey Ken.
Rose Records are Eva, Lars, Rico, Martin and Ronny. We all live in Leipzig. We founded the label mainly to release our own tracks without having to rely on other labels.
We wanted to create something of our own and Rose Records is the perfect platform.
If you listen to previous releases from Rose Records as well as the music by Luvless, m.ono and my tracks on Soundcloud, then you soon realize that there is a strong sense of conncection even though the difference are obvious too. But together an image forms. It’s House music with influences from other different genres.
You already have a bunch of releases behind you. How have they been received? 
Music is always a matter of taste and everybody listens differently. That’s why there’re both positive and negative feedback. That’s the way it should be. I always find it tremendously exciting when I get to know people, be it on the internet or in real life, who get influenced by my music and sets. A lot of different exciting stories, and like with the Rose crew a whole new label.

What’ve you got coming up on the label?
Coming up is the ‘various three’ sampler. After that we’ll release some new EPs by some of our artists and perhaps one or two surprises.
You’re originally from the Dresden area. How’s the Disco scene there? 
When I still lived in the Dresden area there was already a strong scene for House music in which Disco was played and was getting more and more exposure. In 2010 I moved to Leipzig and here there’s also a strong House scene. I noticed that people now love to get down to slower stuff, like Soul and Disco tracks mixed with the regular House sets. Anyway it’s exciting what’s going on in Leipzig from a musical point of view, also with other stuff than Disco and House.
What’s on your personal playlist at the moment?
Lazare Hoche – Luv Thang
M.ono & Luvless – Never Gonna Leave You
Mark E – Orange (Space Dub)
Lee Webster – That 00 Joint
I always have records from the Sleazy Beats and Disco Deviance labels and the odd Dan Hartman recording with me in the DJ bag.
You used to play mostly Tech and Minimal. How do you see your progression from the to playing deep disco stuff nowadays?
I always listened to Hip Hop and Soul music. So that’s not new to me. But back then Techy music just worked better for me. In the meantime I see things differently and I crave older music, sometimes in new interpretations. I’ve always had a passion for melodies and vocals and we all know that just works best with a mirrorball attatched to the ceiling.
How do you see the scene in two or three years time? What’s going to happen soundwise?
It’s always difficult to give make prognoses about that. Everybody has his own point of view. But I hope that people will keep on being open towards anything new. It’s exciting to see how music will be interpreted. Imean it doesn’t matter if it’s House etc. To put things into categories and genres…It’s just music in the end.
Tell us a bit about the set that’s coming up on Friday. What’s in store for the listeners?
The mix features my favorites at the moment. I wanted give it a groovy disco feel. You can listen to the mix in your car or at home but it’s also something you can expect from me in the club.
Thanks Martin!
Martin Hayes will be my guest on Hot To The Touch on Pure.FM this Friday from 18GMT till 20GMT.
Here’s Martin’s latest release ‘Stretchin” exclusively in its full length here on audioavalon.


Listen to Martin Hayes – Stretchin’ [Lazare Hoche]

[audio:|titles=Martin Hayes – Stretchin’]
You can find out more about Rose Records and its artists here:
Home Page

How To Dance, And Other Tricks!

Great new German based label, Rose Rocords, just released their second triple feature.

M.ono is kicking things off on the a-side with a marvelous boogie bouncer including an infectious groove, super smooth vocals and the certainty of a happy end.
On the flip, Luvless slows down the bpm dept. He adds warm chords and a smooth bassline to soulful vocals. Love all the way.
Martin Hayes leans a bit more towards 80s and disco. His glittery midtempo track features nicely looped vocals, warm synths and a badass 80s bassline. All to great effect.

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