Drop Out Orchestra – Where Is My Man

Drop Out Orchestra is back! Better than ever! What a way to end a miserable year in audio!



The Dead Rose Music Company – Chaka Can't



Happy New Year! Here’s the first post of 2013 and what a post! The always fantastic The Dead Rose Music Company takes Chaka Khan’s ‘Ain’t Nobody’ under a loving sample-istic treatment, blowing wind up-skirt with his brand new ‘Chaka Can’t’. Red hot and funkadelically groovy!


Thrill Collins – It's Always The Same (Goodbye To 2012 edit)

It's Always The Same (Goodbye to 2012 edit) by The Players Union


The Phil thrill is intact, more than ever in fact! Look! It made me rhyme! The Players Union create the opener for last night’s Hot To The Touch on Pure.fm. Holla back girl!


Alan Parsons Project – Games People Play (6th Borough Project edit)

Utter utter classic fitted with the full trimmings. Incredibly handsome edit by legendary 6th Borough Project. Just the track to fire up your pre-weekend party with! Lovely!
[audio:https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1050401/Games%20People%20Play%20%286th%20Borough%20Project%20Edit%29.mp3|titles=Alan Parsons Project – Games People Play (6th Borough Project edit)]

Chris Rea – On The Beach (Todd Terje edit)

Here’s a postcard from the beach. It’s from Chris. He writes that he’s taking a chill with our mutual friend and Disco Funk guru, Todd who’s telling people to share some lovin’ in the sun. If possible add an ice cold beer to the mix!
Chris says relax!
[audio:http://audioavalon.com/wp-content/uploads/https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1050401/On%20The%20Beach%20%28Todd%20Terje%20Edit%29.mp3|titles=Chris Rea – On The Beach (Todd Terje edit)]