DMCA complaint

So in my inbox this morning was a complaint regarding a DMCA violation. It was for a DJ set (Mix Sixteen by Sushil Nash) on behalf of one Ben Rush. So there will be no more sharing of sets via this blog. All sets have been deleted.
So basically Ben Rush doesn’t want to be heard. I wonder if that goes for radio too. Or previewing his stuff.


Alan Parsons Project – Games People Play (6th Borough Project edit)

Utter utter classic fitted with the full trimmings. Incredibly handsome edit by legendary 6th Borough Project. Just the track to fire up your pre-weekend party with! Lovely!
[audio:|titles=Alan Parsons Project – Games People Play (6th Borough Project edit)]

Little Boots – Headphones (Dimitri From Paris dub)

Respsect is still burning for Dimitri From Paris. His new remix for Little Boots snatches the bass riff from Madonna’s ‘Get Into The Groove’ in this playful dub of his remix for Little Boots’ ‘Headphones’ making it one groovey action packed trip back to the future! Lovely!
[audio:|titles=Little Boots – Headphones (Dimitri From Paris dub)]

Chris Rea – On The Beach (Todd Terje edit)

Here’s a postcard from the beach. It’s from Chris. He writes that he’s taking a chill with our mutual friend and Disco Funk guru, Todd who’s telling people to share some lovin’ in the sun. If possible add an ice cold beer to the mix!
Chris says relax!
[audio:|titles=Chris Rea – On The Beach (Todd Terje edit)]

RAC – Hollywood (The Magician remix)

Stephen Fasano‘s at it again. Brand spanking new FREE remix out on Green Label (Mountain Dew’s label). This time he’s remixing RAC’s ‘Hollywood’ which has been a successful blog-runner since it’s release.
The remix is a kindred spirit of The Magician’s recent remix for Sebastien Tellier’s ‘Cochon Ville’ which is a freebie below.
[audio:|titles=RAC – Hollywood (The Magician remix)]

Giorgio Moroder – The Chase (Theatre Of Delays remix)

Our good friend Tommi from Theatre of Delays took a heavy assignment upon him. Remixing one of the most seminal synth tracks in the history of recording music. Moroder’s ‘The Chase’ appeard in the film Midnight Express which features drugs, chases and an extraordinarily cool soundtrack. Theatre Of Delays lifts it up a few notches adding spice and glamour to the mix. Enjoy!
[audio:|titles=Giorgio Moroder – The Chase (Theatre Of Delays remix)]


Bobby Caldwell – Carry On (MyKill edit)

Featured in our Everything’s Gone Green set last weekend. It’s got the very essensce of what made the eighties excellent. MyKill‘s edit is neat and straight to the point. Cool!
[audio:|titles=Bobby Caldwell – Carry On (MyKill edit)]