Drop Out Orchestra – Where Is My Man

Drop Out Orchestra is back! Better than ever! What a way to end a miserable year in audio!



Kiholm – Maracuja (Özgür Can Remix)

It’s been way way waaaaay too long since Özgür Can has released anything. Here’s something big enough to awaken even this dormant blog 😉


Sick! – Retrocrack Mega Mix

This is such a blast from the past. This is my hood. This is where I came from. This is where my heart is:


Fall Bangers 

Here’s what’s going down in my ears at the moment:


Tobtok – Shelter (Osmo Remix)

If you like Tobtok and Oliver Nelson, here’s something in the flavour!


Frida – There’s Something Going On (Lindstrøm remix)

HP travels back in time on his hover board. 


Moon Boots ft. Janelle Kroll – Utopia

Zero Gravity. Full tilt boogie!


Fingerpaint – Lunar

I posted this track in May 2012, and now over three years later it’s finally out! Never thought I’d see the day. I got in touch with Tyler and he said he’d signed it to Chit Chat Records. I’ve intensely followed Chit Chat Records ever since, and mailed them a couple of times to no avail. This is THE summer jam. And it’s been so since May 2012 in my world.



Why the lack of activity?

So you still come back? iLike! Awful time constraints prevents me from updating this website regularly at the moment. My intentions are good though, and there’s absolutely hope that things will change again. 

Meanwhile you can stay updated on Facebook where I regularly post my findings from Soundcloud.