Baby time

I have a baby due. Or rather my wife and I do. Babies take time. Not only to make but also to entertain, feed, snuggle and making it sleep. I know because I’ve done this before. 11 years ago to be precise. Suddenly I feel old and insecure. But alas, I’ll be taking some time off here on the blog and on the show. I haven’t appointed any subs for the blog, so you should swing by Sushil Nash’s blog, where he maintains my favorite blog on the planet. This here blog will jump back to life at some point. There might be some random posts, but don’t expect too much. As for the show: I’ve booked two of my favorite DJs to take over for June and July. Sushil Nash (DTTLO blog and a bunch of spots on HTTT) and Martin Hayes (Rose Rec.) an old friend of mine. I know they will do one helluva job.
So long, bros and dudettes!

Love, Ken


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