Deeburn & Sonorone – Deeply Poetic (Özze's Hello Poetry edit)

Deeply Poetic EP


Back in 2007 I tried to make an impact on the club scene. I had been part of the Scandinavian circuit for a while, getting to know some fantastic people like Özgür Can, Daniel Lindeberg (Dumb Dan), Stian Klo and a bunch of other cool people. I created Audioholics Anonymous Recordings in the Spring of 2007 and I signed this as the first single. Deeburn who has a stellar carreer in the Techno/Minimal/Deep House scene today helped me start things up. He and Sonorone did this amazing piece.  Özze did an edit that’s actually more of a remix of it, and I still love it loads. I defunct the label in 2009. My mom died, I got married, bought a house and my daytime job kinda took over what I had devoted to music. I never made a nickel on music. I spend more than I should on music. But I believe that music should be free. Hence I give you this splendid release: