[INTERVIEW] The Reverb Junkie



Her voice reached the club scene for real last year with her collab with Sweden’s finest, Drop Out Orchestra on their epic single Sun Machine. Later that year she teamed up with Christopher Norman on what to me was the best EP of 2012, All The Pretty People. I had he opportunity to ask her some questions about her passion for music, her influences and what she’s got brewing! 

What is a Reverb Junkie and how did you get to be one?

I am The Reverb Junkie, in the same way that I am Michelle.  The name came about because when I started making music, I put loads of reverb on EVERYTHING, which can be cool, but I think it’s important to develop a sense of restraint.  Thus – The Reverb Junkie.

How did you get started with The Reverb Junkie project?

Well, I’ve been making music since I was a little kid.  The Reverb Junkie felt fitting once it came time to release my own music.

Tell us a bit about your influences and how you go about writing songs.

For starters, the stereo in my parent’s dining room was one of my best friends.  Whatever was playing on there or the radio was a great influence on me.  I would also say some of my biggest influences include Max Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Christina Aguilera, Tchaikovsky, Michael Jackson, and popular music from the 2000s/90s/late 80s.  As far as writing music – I tend to try to express a specific emotion through the interaction of melody, tone, feel, and chords.  Each element is equally important to me.

One of my absolute favorite releases this year was yours and Christopher Norman’s  ‘All The Pretty People EP’. Tell us a bit about that!

Why thank you!  Chris and I had so much fun making that EP.  The story begins when I was checking out new music on Audio Drums (another wonderful blog for new music, though mainly electronic) and I came across Christopher’s track, “Maps.”  Loving his track – I reached out to him and was surprised to find he lived in Ann Arbor –  just a few miles away from me.  We met up for dinner and the rest is history.  I should also include that by the time we wrote the EP – I had moved to Massachusetts, so our collaboration had to take place mainly over digital media.

Your voice is amazing! You have collaborated with acts like Christopher Norman and Drop Out Orchestra. Where can we expect to hear your vocals next?

Wow – thanks Ken!  You are the man.  As far as what to expect, The Reverb Junkie is all over the map, so I would say, keep watch and find out!

What is the biggest event in 2012 for you personally? And what impact has it had on you?

Moving back to Massachusetts in 2012 has been very influential for me.  I’ve lived in Michigan for the last eight years – first for school, and then to be in and co-run the band Ella Riot. Moving back to Western Massachusetts is something I’ve been wanting to do for years, but couldn’t seem to find the right time.   Finally doing so has brought me a certain peace I’d been looking for and enabled me to spend more time on music.


Which of your songs is closest to your heart?

 100% honestly, it changes depending on where I’m at.  Each song is a different emotional state or mood.

How do you feel about collaborating through a distance? Is it constrictive or liberating?

Collaborating through distance can be both constrictive and liberating.  Sometimes you just want to be in the same room as someone you are working with, and other times it can help slow down a process in a way that adds to the overall intentionality.

What’s coming up for you in the near future? Any exciting projects?

Got a few things brewing :).  I’ve been doing a great deal of writing, traveling, working, recording, and a few secret things that will be popping up soon  Hopefully there will be some more TRJ activity to show for in the coming spring.  I’m just glad we’re all still here!

How do you define your own style?

Hmm, I don’t spend much time defining it.  I guess I try to spend more time making it and hope it will someday define itself.   It’s funny though because when it comes to other people’s art or music or whatever, I’ll try to see how they define it, and when it comes to me, I say, “let me know?” because I’m still trying to figure that out.

Thanks for taking the time, Michelle!

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