Week 4 Selections


As time is, and will continue to be, a precious commodity in my life I’ve decided to turn audioavalon into a more digest-ish kinda blogging experience. There will be a weekly update, and the occasional odd one-off surprise post now and then. Without further ado, here’s the digest for week 4:

Olivers Vaughn & Goldstein rock the membrane with a set of freshly squeezed tracks right off their discolicious super studio. Go buy now!

Dana Bergquist & Peder G have been a force to be reckoned with for quite a while. This deep, melodic excoursion goes to prove it!

Touch Tone has had some nice releases via our friends over at Binary Entertainment. Here’s a delicious freebee of Goldroom’s equally delicious Sweetness Alive.

Lancelot of ‘We Can Dance’ fame goes deep and low with these Housey shenanigans. Diggage!

One of my favorite labels, Future Classic, put this diamond in the rough up for grabs. Holy Other is new in my ears, but ‘Held’ is gonna stay there for some time. Lovely soundscapes!

Viceroy teams up with Chela (of Sweetness Alive fame with Goldroom). How about this catchy ditty?

Speaking of Goldroom, who seems to dominate this week somehow, who’s gone done another splentacular remix. This time he touches down on Charli XCX‘s ‘You (Ha Ha Ha).

Todd  Terje & Lindstrøm, Norwwegian super producers and Disco rivatalists, once again team up to take on Lanzarote, a fresh and bouncy chugger full of sunshine.

Last but not least two selections off MB Disco’s newest: Alico vs. Cagri – Les Mondes Engloutis. I was faster than a speeding bullet when I hit the purchase button in the iTunes store. How cool is this? The Psychemagik remix takes you deep into space whereas the Ray Mang incarnation cowbells all the way to nirvana. What a magnificent release!






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