Last Post Of 2012…


So, bros and hos. This is pretty much it for 2012. A year full of uppers and downers, flyers and drowners. Yesterday I posted the 25 tracks that rocked my boat the most, but there’s always a couple of tracks that you either miss or forget. I for one never seem to take notes or make lists before the year’s over. I’ll finish this year’s bloggin’ business with one of the fantastic tracks I missed out on. Browsing Özgür’s Sprider Kärlek over on Spotify I stumbled across a track by Berlin based Session Victim called ‘Flying Visit’ which was released on Delusions Of Grandeur out of London. Not only is this an utterly unique and sophisticated song, it would probably have been in the top 5 of my favorite tracks of 2012.

You can get it here:

Some stats for this blog: Since I blogged the very first post back in Spring 2011 almost a hundred thousand people found their way to audioavalon in search of good sounds. I hope I have succeeded modestly in purveying you with something different, some other tastes than you would necessarily have tried on your own.
The radio show, Hot To The Touch has been getting some excellent feedback from the listeners on’s NuDisco channel. Previously you could find links to download the current and earlier episodes of the show here on this very blog via a dedicated page. I removed that in order to direct people in search of the tracklists and download/streaming of the show to the dedicated facebook page.
I’m currently working on more interviews for the blog, and securing some kick ass artists as guests for the radio show. So keep hanging out here in 2013!
Thank you for reading my humble blog. Have a happy, blissful and an absatively delightful 2013! Happy New Year!


Ken Avalon


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