[Interview] Özgür Can

Özgür Can’s debut album is here!


A: Mr. Can! I’ve known you since 2004. Back then you unleashed your signature deep and oriental sound on the world. Now 8 years later you’re ready to unleash your debut album. Tell us about how the album went from being a figment of your imagination to becoming digital 1’s and 0’s generating your stellar debut album:

Ö: I don’t even know how many times I’ve started making albums but then ended up releasing songs as just singles or EPs instead!  Ask my friends how many times I’ve said ”I’ve started my album now” they didn’t believe me this time either until I actually got the physical cd in my hand last week!I had a few ideas laying around on my laptop and some older stuff and music I had made with other people, stuff that I made just for fun when I wasn’t making club music. At the same time I started to get a bit tired of dance music but I was still DJ´ing around a lot so I was playing during the weekends and producing alternative stuff when I was in the studio so I said to myself fuck it, I’m gonna do an album that’s not something for the dance floor! So I took the tracks I had lying around, finished them and started producing stuff without the dance floor in mind and just went with the inspiration around me and didn’t really think so much about what I was producing, it just is what it is!
I named it ”put me in a box and label” it and me might be the birth of a new concept. I’m already planning ”put me in a box and label me part 2”

A: How does your work process start when you get to work on a track?

Ö: It’s different for each track! But for me most of the time I start with programming some drums and then go from there! But sometimes I just find a cool sound or sample something and then build around that!

The Wizard Of Öz – Behind the curtain! This is where the magic happens.

A: Where do you want to take the listeners to with your album?

Ö: The idea is to listen to the entire album in one take. I think of it like when you read a book and just disappear into a different world! It’s like a journey. The thought is that it’s an alternative album everyone can put on at home or in the car and dive into. I think there is something for everyone on this album music lover or not

A: Sound wise you’ve stayed true to yourself and still managed to build upon and expand an aural universe of you own. Where do you see yourself going from here?

Yes he Can!

Ö: Yeah I’ve always followed my heart and this album is proof of that but it also kind off marks the beginning of a new era for me! This is album is straight from the heart, but after this I wanna do other things as well. I might be known for my techno or my house music and I will always be involved with underground dance music producing and DJ´ing! My DJ`ing is my livelihood and I will never stop playing. It’s my biggest passion in life; it’s a part of who I am! But after all these years doing underground music I wanna try something new as well.
I already have a pop project together with 2 other guys. We are a team of 3 guys that have totally different musical backgrounds but with kind of the same vision of what we want to do! We haven’t released anything yet. We have only worked together almost 1 year now and it’s exciting as hell! Totally a new world for me. I’m used to working with no boundaries and let the imagination run free but with pop music you got so many guidelines you have to follow and it’s new to me, but also very fun at the same time.
We are still polishing our sound a bit but we will start to release stuff very soon! And I’ve also started to produce hip-hop beats for a few friends of mine that are pretty big rappers in Sweden, very very excited about that!

A: You’ve done quite a few remixes and bootlegs. Whom would you like to remix most of all, and why?

Ö: I always want to remix the stuff I listen to when I’m at home! Small indie bands or whatever, they are superstars for me!


 A: Talk to us about your musical inspirations. What turns on the Can?

Ö: Oh dear! I listen to so many different kinds of music it’s hard to say! I get inspired by music that’s well made! I listen to a lot of  indie rock bands, singer songwriters and stuff like that! Working with Rasmus Kellerman (Tiger Lou) was like a dream coming true! I listen to his albums all the time and similar type of  music!


A: Lastly: Tell us – What’s in the water supply in Sweden, generating such a massive surge of talents in music over the past 40 years?

Ö: Haha! I don’t know really! I think Axwell said it in an interview many years ago that we have so shitty weather we just lock ourselves in the studio might have something to do with that! But I know it’s insane right now and I’m loving every minute of it! The focus on Swedish music right now has never been this big!

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