Drop Out Orchestra ft. Christopher Norman – Only In the Dark

Deeper. Darker. Funkier and downright lustful. That’s how we’d describe D O O’s new stomper! With full force vocal assistance from none other than Christopher Norman (with whom we’ll have an exclusive interview real soon). Another summer anthem has been born. Hurrah!
The press release reads:
‘Drop Out Orchestra’s In The Dark (ft. Christopher Norman) has two mixes. The Original mix is a deep and throbbing workout. Think shimmering glitter balls, funky real bass guitar plucks and stabs to set the mood. Platform shoes on, Christopher Norman commences his vocal “Only in the dark”. This is an intelligently made track, the subtlety of the track not detracting from its energy levels in any way. It’s a slab of retro future funk.
The remix comes from NSFW (real name Alexander van Cappellen). This rising Dutch star has contributed some quality tracks to the label in recent months (Let U Go, Coconut), and his mix beefs up the original, giving an extra dimension. This talented producer maintains the vibe, gently pushing it more towards the dancefloor when the DJ gets into the swing of things and the floor is set for the night.’