Chris Malinchak – Ironbound EP

Both FRΞNCH ΞXPRΞSS & Chris Malinchak keep impressing us! Today saw the release of the much hyped (duely!!!) Ironbound EP by the latter.
Fuego stands as the strongest track on an incredibly strong EP which also contains a new version of ‘There I was’ called ‘There I Was (Again)’. Much deeper and cleaner than the previous version.
‘Brookly Bounce’ is  just that: Bouncey fun with another strong hook by Malinchak.
‘Razor 2.0’ borrows its main groove from Todd Terry Projects ‘The Weekend’.
‘Kuzari’ stands as the deepest track on the EP. A serious blend between Deep House and 90’ies dance.
Hats off for Malinchak  for this massive release which is available here: