[Interview] Hot To The Double Touch

– Sushil, tell us a bit about yourself.
Hi, thanks for having me! I’m 22 and live in London working in a shop
five days a week but my free time revolves around looking for new
music, keeping the blog updated and bedroom DJing.
– How did you get into DJing?
It’s been a slow progression since about three years ago when I came
across Boy 8-Bit’s ‘Together Mix’. I’d been into electronic music for
a while listening to lot of electro house but for some reason that mix
was the first thing that really made me want to start DJing. I
remember listening to that mix constantly and I was desperate to
create something similar of my own so I started off by simply loading
up tracks in GarageBand and working out how to transition them into
each other. As you can imagine it was a pretty painstaking and
unsatisfying way of doing it and I had no idea about things like EQs
and levels but I knew how I wanted it to sound and it taught me some
basic principles behind mixing. I think knowing how you want things to
sound is the only really important thing about beginning to DJ because
the rest you can learn. Finally I decided I had to get some half
decent decks and a mixer so I could start doing things properly and
then I was able to start playing for friends at parties and that. But
yeah, that Boy 8-Bit mix and long nights in front of my laptop were
definitely what first got me into to DJing.
– You run your own blog. Tell us about your ideology behind it.
The blog actually started out just because friends at uni and back
home would often ask me to recommend new stuff to listen to and I
thought it would be a good idea to just put it all in one place. I
also thought it would be nice for myself to have a collection of all
the stuff I’ve been playing and I really enjoy going back through it
sometimes and rediscovering things I’d forgotten about. This is one of
the reasons why there’s never any writing in my posts – because it
never really set out to be a blog. I don’t know what else you’d call
it though. The lack of text is something I do get asked about
sometimes but I don’t really feel the need to write in my posts.
There’s a lot of really interesting music blogs out there with some
great writing but there’s also plenty where the pages are broken up by
pointless rambling or “this is such a sick choon, DJ Awesome played it
at MegaKool Venue and the place went OFF!” I would also probably post
less frequently if I knew I’d have to take the time out to write each
time and I like to keep putting new stuff on as quick as I find it.
I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible and that works for me.
What can our listeners expect from your sets?
Well I try not to plan them too much and I rarely go in with much of a
structure so it’s usually anyone’s guess how it’s going to come out! I
suppose I play a mixture of disco, house and related genres but it’s
always fun to throw a surprise or two in there somewhere. One thing I
have found myself doing with some of my sets is to kind of change the
atmosphere a little towards the end. Sometimes I’ll shift the mood up
a bit so it suddenly becomes a little more cheerful and fun for the
last 15 minutes, sometimes I like to turn an upbeat dancey mix into
something calm and brooding. I definitely did that in my last mix
(Twelve). For the most part I kept it something to tap your feet and
click your fingers to but for the last three tracks it went nice and
deep. I guess I find the final bit of a mix the most exciting because
I feel like I’m setting up the mood I’ll finish my set on. Obviously
if I were playing for a club full of people I might not always get
away with that but part of the fun in playing to friends or recording
a mix for Soundcloud is the freedom to experiment and mess around a
The set I’ve put together for Hot To The Touch has actually turned out
to be fairly consistent for a change. Pretty much 60 minutes of disco
and funk. Grooves and lady-vocals all the way. This is just something
to put an hour aside for so you can shuffle you feet, get a boogie on
or just kick back with a Tequila Sunrise. I’ve really had fun making it so I
hope you’ll enjoy listening.
Thanks, Sushil!
Have a look at Sushil’s blog here!
Sushil Nash debuts on Hot To The Touch 30th March.
Check out Sushil in the clouds.

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