[Interview] Theatre Of Delays


Name: Theatre Of Delays
Websites: Soundcloud, facebook, twitter, MySpace, Google+
City: Berlin
Favorit drink: Espresso
Favorit artist: never a favourite.. but lots of influences: Soulwax, Mr. Oizo, Bartok, Steve Reich, The Notwist, Autechre, Pussy Galore
Favorit place on Earth? all the places i want to visit and havent been yet.
Next item on your todo-list? create a dj-mix for the cable-guy (dr. kable)


Hi Tommi! How’s Berlin this time of the year?
cold and full of partyppl 🙂
Tell us a bit about Theatre Of Delays. How did it come about and where do you get your inspiration from?
i searched long time for a name… after a while i discovered that most of electronic music is about delays and repetition. in my case sometimes very theatrical.
In most of your remix works your sound has a wistful edge to it, I’m thinking your Moments In Love remix and Sequential Circuits remix. It’s also present in most of your other work to some extent. Where does that come from?
thats true, its just something that is happening automatically. lets call it an “inner melody in minor”.
How does remix work usually start for you?
when i found the right song/track i try to re-interpret/re-play most of all instruments. then i do lots of jamming.. with guitars, bass, percussion and synths.
We’re still to be graced with some original work from Theatre Of Delays. What ca we expect from your upcoming original productions?
i started to do some original tracks. and in my dj-mix i am going to feature one of these tracks, so you gonna hear how it sounds like… 🙂
You seem to draw from a lot of different inspirations music wise, spreading over a seemingly big area and sounds as different as Art Of Noise over to Prince and then with a stint of dirty beats from Mr. Oizo. Do you have any boundaries or are you purposely pushing your limits?
no limits and no rules.. for the remixes it always needs to be a song/track that i really admire and think that i can add someting to it that sounds like “theatre of delays”
You’ll be the first guest on Hot To The Touch. What can people expect from your session?
1 hour of electronic dance music, old and new.
How do you work as a DJ?
i started with vinyl a few years ago and because of “producing” i decided to work with ableton for editing and traktor for mixing.
If your music was to be defined into a movie, which movie would it be?
thats a really hard to tell… there are so much movies and its quite obvious that my music could be used for soundtracks.
maybe its for a movie that doesnt exist yet, i have to do it.
What’s on your playlist at the moment?
WhoMadeWho, Planningtorock, Pink Floyd, The Notwist, Slohmo and Mouse on Mars.
What’s coming up next from you? You mention an original track that’ll be featured in Hot To The Touch. Tell us a bit more!
i am going to do a couple of new remixes and right now i am producing some original material. one track i just finished today. i am going to showcase it in the dj-mix.
Anything you’d like to share with aspiring artists?
do music, music, music…
Theatre Of Delays will be the guest on Hot To The Touch episode 8 16th March 19 GMT on Pure.FM‘s NuDisco channel.



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