Top 25 tracks of 2011

25: Andy Fink – Tribute (Camale remix) 
Ukranian supertalent Andy Fink gets help from equally gifted Camale. FRESH!
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”818″]

24: Kolombo – Waiting For
Smooth, wickedly sauve and gushing with mellow passion!
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”819″]

23: The Players Union – Stiff Richard (dub)
Nothing could prepare you for Cliff with his skirt down and his ass up. Soooo cheeky!
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”820″]

22: Jeremy Glenn – New Life (Persues ‘Summer Of 83’ remix) (blogged June 27th)
Perseus made quite a tsunami with this phenomenal remix that helped put Jeremy Glenn in mixes by Aeroplane and the likes!
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”821″]

21: Polly Darton – Lowgene (Dr. Luv’s Midnight Mix)
Excepiotnally saucy take on Jolene by boob-legend, Dolly Parton. Swag, loopy and straight outta the deep end!
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”906″]

20: Booka Shade – Regenerate (Russ Chimes remix) (blogged December 20th 2010)
Way off genre wise for me, but this madness really got a hold of me. Cunning!
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”823″]

19: Drop Out City Rockers – International Track
This saw Daft Punk’s cool-factor rise with about 224 % Nobody does what Drop Out’s Gary B does! 2012 will see him taking over the world. Mark my words!
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”917″]

18: Hemingway – Metro

Funky cold Medina is what Tone Loc would say about this track. Me too!
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”824″]

17: Dana Bergquist & Peder G – Can’t Get Enough (Midnight Savari remix)
Dana & Peder had a fantastic year with a wide range of superb releases. Magic really happened when Midnight Savari took the remix duties ❤
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”825″]

16: Shit Robot – Take ‘Em Up (John Talabot Remix edit) (blogged December 10th)
Supreme vocal driven monster that was litterally in every set out there at the time! Impressive!
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”826″]

15: Dana Bergquist & Peder G – Daylight
Dana & Peder’s immersive sound creates a universe of its own. This is a heck of a fine example!
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”919″]

14: Aeroplane – Big Boys Don’t Cry (blogged September 16th)
I still don’t get the horns at the begining and in the end, but this emotive and mellow masterpiece said hail to one of the big ones that we lost in 2011. We miss you DJ Mehdi 😦
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”827″]

13: Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (The Magician remix) (blogged February 17th)
Aeroplane broke in two. That left us with a severed Aeroplane and a Magician. I like Stephen’s work a lot. But somehow Aeroplane had it all when the two of them were still collaborating.
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”828″]

12: Moon Boots – Gopher It (blogged August 2nd)
But Stephen’s Magic Tapes brought us stuff like this! How cool is that? Moon Boots surely are on the To Watch List!
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”829″]

11: Hall & Oates – Out Of Touch (Dublin Aunts Darryl’s Home edit) 
2011 was THE year for edits. This is a glimmering example! Magic!
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”830″]


10: Satin Jackets – Latin Jackets
Smooth and silky with a hint of deep house and a dash or two of luscious balearic Satin Jackets nailed this one!
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”903″]

9: Korallreven ft. Victoria Bergman – Honey Mine (blogged November 12th)

Swedish dream-poppers Korallreven mesmerized me with this summer filled tune that still to this day sets my in sunshine mood!
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”832″]

8: Oliver – All Night (blogged May 11th)
Tastey like bacon with bacon ontop! Oliver had a stellar year with tons of great, free releases! We LOVE ❤
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”833″]

7: Shindu – Happy House (Midnight Savari remix)

Midnight Savari, Kitsuné, dancable 80’ies tinged stomper with a vengeance! Impressively built up and such smooth production skills! Mindblowing!
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”834″]

6: Body Language – Social Studies (Plastic Plates remix)

Felix aka. Plastic Plates is for me the biggest newcomer of 2011. What he does is fresh, new… Winning! Stupendously cool remix, and somehow he keeps topping himself!
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”835″]

5: Todd Terje – Ragysh
This one almost didn’t get finished?!! Terje then went through his “stuffishouldtakeacloserlookat” drawer and plosihed it up. New sound from him for sure. And this really takes him to new heights. Add moaning and you have a new French Kiss anno 2011!
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”836″]

4:  Kamp! – Cairo (Original mix)
Polish band, Kamp! blew us all away with this catchy vocal, pop fused stomper! Incredible!
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”831″]

3: Tesla Boy – In Your Eyes (Satin Jackets remix) (blogged November 20th)
Still unreleased this insanely well produced remix flew straight to my top 3 the moment I heard it. Tim Bernhardt’s Satin Jackets project is its own star in the sky of disco. Epic!
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”838″]

2: The Dead Rose Music Company – Just A Bitter Love (blogged January 8th)
The groove in this one made my mind explode with orgasmic delight. That bass!! ❤ ❤ ❤
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”839″]


1: Adele – Set Fire To The Rain (Plastic Plates remix) (blogged April 24th)

One of the biggest hits on the planet in 2011, and one of the biggest remixes in 2011 too! Plastic Plates blew everyone away and raised the bar for how to remix with 250 %!
[jwplayer config=”audioavalon” mediaid=”837″]




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