Monthly Letter From Uncle Drop Out

Gary Baldi from Drop Out Orchestra sent us this diamond disco funk gem to share with anyone we care for. And we care for you guys! Top tastey schnazzle from:

01. Gredit – Ben E Slow
02. Lou Teti – Shake (Drop Out Orchestra Reload)
03. Honom – Bedcat
04. Rambla Boys – Cocomero
05. Lou Teti – Love It (Dublin Aunts Rework)
06. Mary Mary – Shackles (Praise You) Drop Out Orchestra Rework
07. Drop Out Orchestra – Ego (Black Strobe Remix)
08. Tronik Youth – Toke-Yo
09. Katzuma – Life In The City
10. Dub On Film (Drop Out Orchestra Rework)
11. Ajello ft Hard Ton – Chocolate Black Leather (Tempelhof Remix)
12. Fabmayday – Disco Verme (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
13. 3io – Born Slippy


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