Dr Kable's Best of 2010

I have been contemplating this for quite a while. 2010 was, as for music, one of the finest years since 1987-88. Here’s my list of the best tracks from 2010:

1: Diana Ross & The Supremes – My World Is Empty Without You (Drop Out Orchestra Remix) Stupfyingly mellow, haunting and slick rendtion of this old upbeat classic. What a surprise!

2: Marcos Cabral & SHUX – Lifetime Groove As for edits this one takes the price. I’m heaving a dead hard time believing that it will ever be topped!

3: Drop Out Orchestra – Baby Come Home (Sit On My Ritz) (dub) Drop Out Orchestra probably took up most listening time of any other act for me in 2010. 2011 will see them take on world domination. Mark my words!

4: Washed Out – Belong Lo-Fi, Lo-bit mellow-pop as crunchy as Rice Crispies! Perma-player on my iPod for litterally months!

5: Jamie Woon – Night Air Jamie burst out of nothing for me. Not my style at all, but this track’s production (big ups to Burial) is just up in the skies! Stunning!

6: Steve Reich – Electric Counterpoint III Fast (Röyksopp’s True To The Original Edit) Next to Manuel Göttsching’s E2 E4, this track’s original ranks on top of my all time favs. Röyksopp really saw the soul in this, spiffed it up with Norwegian mellowness and a dash of melancholy. Magical!

7: Florrie – Fascinate Me (Fred Falke Edit) Florrie broke the wall of sound in 2010. She’s the next big thing. Like a hybrid between Madonna, Britney Spears and Pet Shop Boys. Fred produces most of her tracks still, and does a fracking good job!

8: Hi-Brid – Once Around The Golden Block Imagine if The Stranglers met Badly Drawn Boy, one summer day, hung out, and jammed along. This would be the result. Epic!

9: Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly All of a sudden Vito stood alone. The void and uncertainty of what would become of the debut album after Stephan Fasano left wasn’t cool. It turned out that he didn’t do all that much with the album in the first place. To me the album didn’t mark the milestone I had hoped, but We Can’t Fly as a single really took off. Instant summer hit!

10: Marius – Jet Set (Ray Mang Remix) Ray Mang is, after Todd Terje, one of my “never-fail-artists”. Less disco, more melody, still mellow and friendly like all his remixes, really. Awesome!


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