Turn Up For The Sound Of 2011

Happy New Year, campers! Hope the jump form good ol’ 2010 was delightful, full of love and joy. This New Year needs us all, all our hopes all our good wishes, all our smiles and all our gestures of forgiveness.

New tunage to suit the new year with style, panache and power? Sure!


The Dead Rose Music Company’s “Just A Bitter Love” really caught my ear on The Magician’s mixtape #6. Oozing of love and fueled by a deep groove that’s both mellow and melancholic at the same time, this is the perfect track to set out for the weekend!

–> download removed at the request of the label.

Kap10Kurt is probably one of the cheesiest monikers to grace the scene i recent time. His disco, hi nrg reworks are bliss. When Pet Shop Boys first released Suberbia back in 1985, was when I first opened my ears to their unique take on pop music. They have stuck with me ever since, although I feel that they peaked around 1987-88. But then again, most things did, didn’t they? đŸ˜‰

And last but definately not least: Drop Out Orchestra does it again again! This time THE SEX PISTOLS puts their dicks on the 8-track and gets served and whopping disco rework that has them strutting like sexy pimps in down town New York, circa 1979.

–> Download FULL LENGTH MIX <–



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