Lost A Friend

The King of Dumb is no longer among us. As a public wake I compiled and mixed a best of, in recognition of Dumb Dan’s sipirit of adventure, knack for always pushing the right buttons with me, soundtracking my life, and generally being an awesome artist who always raised the bar for progressive house with a dash of dumb. The world is a little paler today. And a lot less Dumb than I like, really…

01. dumb dan, jdotp & özgür can – intrigue

02. lindeberg, can  & lodin – tender black

03. özgür can & dumb dan – data data

04. the worms project – super sheep (dumb dan remix)

05. daft punk – around the world (dumb dan remix)

06. stonebridge – close to heaven (dumb dan remix)

07. asle – high is dead (dumb dan remix)

08. patrick cowley – menergy (dumb dan remix)

09. sick! – you are so sick!

10. sick! – sick 7

11. dumb dan – padded shoulders marathon

12. dumb dan & martin brodin – le voie le soleil

–> download Twelve Bombs final episode <–


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