Awashed in summer!

So like… summer’s hitting us over the face with some scorching sun beams, and raise your hands if you can’t get enough (/raises hand!). So we thought you might like some tunage to accompany you into the sunset, so here goes:

Marina and the Diamonds – Hollywood (Ground Control Remix) | A bit trancey and a bit dancey, but hey, it’s Shakira, errr Catherine Zeta, errrm I mean Marina! Blazing remix that doesn’t seem to be much out there except for Youtube.

>> download <<

Florrie – Come Back To Mine (Jaxon Remix) | We don’t care what people say, but we LOVE our Florrie! The Falke remixes have been MINT, but this power gem is a proper treat. DIG!

>> download <<


2 thoughts on “Awashed in summer!

    • The choice is yours. We try to promote the artists by creating a buzz via our blog, and that being network across the Web. We hope you stay around, and that you like what you hear, and that that spurs you to support artists we like 🙂

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