Washed out lifetime groove?

Top of the morning to all of youse guys! Today we have some genuine audio gold for you.

Washed Out – Belong | Featured on Kitsuné Maison 9 Washed Out got to open the show. We were blown away be his unique way of adding a mudded out filter over the mixdown, creating a very cool effect that, if you pay close enough attention, hear something new in the mix every time you hear it. That’s art!
>> download <<
Washed Out – Belong by iyorch

On The Prowl presents OTP Party Breaks – Lifetime Groove | Nothing can prepare you for this one! Huge edit of an old New Edition track that never really caused much of a stir. This on the other hand is bound for greatness! Aeroplane has been caning it like mad already, certifying it 112 % hip! Über cool!
>> download <<
OTP Party Breaks #1 – Lifetime Groove by Arunas

Dave Samuels – Dance Class (Todd Terje Mix) | Todd’s been a favorite of ours for years. That man is the King Midas of Disco, everything he touches turns into gold instantly. As does this calypsoistic, oildrum driven happy camper of a summer tune. Word!
>> download <<
Dance Class (Todd Terje Mix) by Dr.Kable


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