First post! YAY!

Happy days are here. Audio Avalon has launched.

We have a few great things for you here in the goodybag to get things going:

Anthony’s Games – Theme From “Sunshine Love” | Tons and tons of analogue synths, plenty of 80’ies italo attitude to satisfy even the hungriest hungriest hippos out there!
>> download <<

Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly (Extended Drums mix) | The proper single will go live 28th June, before that don’t miss out this nifty edit to pass the time till it’s out.
>> download <<

Florrie – Fascinate Me (Fred Falke edit) | Fred’s been one of our favorites since 2008. It’s amazing how that guy keeps topping himself! Florrie’s been dishing out her’s and Fred’s stuff for free for a while. Be sure to swoop by her website!
>> download <<

And here’s another yummy for your tummy:

13 Wonderful Life (Arthur Baker Remix РKitsun̩ Edit) by rosemarin


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