Fingerpaint – Lunar

I posted this track in May 2012, and now over three years later it’s finally out! Never thought I’d see the day. I got in touch with Tyler and he said he’d signed it to Chit Chat Records. I’ve intensely followed Chit Chat Records ever since, and mailed them a couple of times to no avail. This is THE summer jam. And it’s been so since May 2012 in my world.


The Last Of The Drop Outs


Nobody caused quite the same stir as the Drop Out Orchestra did. Now they went and undid the whole thing, Gary & Disco Hulken. Some of my fondedst memories of watching this whole Nu Disco thing evolve stems from the Drop Outs. I was one of the chosen few who got to hear the very first demos and promos. Gibbon, when I first heard the first rough edit of it, blew me away. Freight train upon pedestrian kinda blew away! Since then the whole Drop Out Orchestra thing exploded, slowly. I know that nobody could make a party go down like Gary and Disco Inko could.

Who’s gonna give me my Rick Astley edits now? Who’s gonna party like it’s 1989? Who’s gonna take over lifting the bar for what Disco is? Who’s gonna herald new times for a genre that most people thought died in the mid 1980’ies? Because Drop Out Orchestra was there, did that, bought the t-shirt and did it all cooler than Ferris Bueller! Thank you for the music!

Throw back time